Schools Design Workshops

Education is at the heart of empowering children to understand the environment in which they inhabit. The quality of the built and natural environment forms a child's unconscious view of their world and ultimately affects their life and career aspirations.

Some children enter adulthood without ever having learnt or considered that the buildings around them form the spaces in which they play and live and crucially without understanding that it provides a framework for their lives.

We believe that exposure to good and varied design at an early age gives the child a basic appreciation and awareness of the possibilities open to them - regardless of what career they choose.

Empowering children with an awareness of good design sets them up to be critical of their living options for the future and arms them with the knowledge and voice to help shape their existence and not just settle for the limited choices currently available.

Education is essential in striving for a society that recognises the positive impact of good design.

We hold design workshops for Primary school-age children in their own classrooms to give them an opportunity to engage in a fun-filled exercise where they can freely express their design ideas.


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