Private Houses

Our philosophy towards the design of homes relies on a fundamental understanding of how people use them; every design is unique to an individual's personal requirements and needs. Our design ideas evolve only after we have developed a relationship with our clients that allows us to gain an understanding of how you live, work, eat and play. We establish what is important in your lives and work this into our designs. We believe this is an essential part of the process. The outcome for which we strive is to ensure that your home provides a vehicle to facilitate your life choices and is a blank canvas from which you are free to express your personalities.

Throughout the design process our clients are heavily involved; we present our ideas in a variety of media that is appropriate to an individual's visual perception and understanding. Some people understand models better than drawings; others find understanding through sketches or computer-generated visuals. We often find that ideas can be articulated far more effectively through the written word - a short narrative that captures the mood and atmosphere of a design or something that our clients write to describe their vision can be quite powerful.


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