Home, Place and Existence

The provision of home, place and existence is fundamental to us when designing homes, home extensions and places. We go to great lengths to understand the essence of what your home means to you. Our design ideas reflect this understanding.

We do not design from a pattern-book; every design is unique to reflect your individual requirements so that we maintain or enhance your personal vision of home, place and existence, and using our experience we will advise on how we can make this vision become a reality - whatever your budget.

We don’t just simply produce drawings; we are architects, not a drawing service company - your project deserves far more consideration than a simple drawing could provide. We use a variety of media such as models, computer visuals, narratives and sketches to ensure that our ideas match your wishes and therefore our efforts to understand your requirements and needs will avoid misinterpretations before the project goes on site.

This collaborative approach to design between ourselves and our clients and our attention to every detail provide the essential ingredients for a successful project.



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